The company offers except the wholesale, distribution and retail sales also the following services:

  • Passportization lighting 
  • Geodetic measuring the light with the help of GPS or laser geometric instruments 
  • Projection of the illumination 
  • Consultancy in the field of lighting 
  • Energetic Audit 
  • Installation and service of lighting 
  • Counseling and processing of applications for the subsidies by the EU and by the ministries for suitable accessible endowment programs 
  • Complete care of the clients and ensure the complete service of all above mentioned parts without unnecessary transfer of the whole management of the lighting 
  • Warranty service and service after the warranty period 
  • Evaluation of tenders and projects 
  • Tenders concrete products according to the customer's requirement 
  • Proposal and implementation of the control of lighting



Our clients

  • PreciosaPreciosa
  • NestléNestlé
  • MotorolaMotorola